Select record from a list in one tab - other tabs refresh to show record details

Hello, Is it possible to select a record on a table on one tab, and have other tabs display detail sections of the selected record… thanks

Hi Ken, If I understand your question correctly, then the answer is yes. For now, this functionality has to be accomplished by writing a custom javascript snippet that is executed on a row action. We’re thinking about adding this type of functionality into the standard Skuid builder, but it’s not ready yet. I created a quick page that uses only standard objects and accomplishes this. You can get the xml code for the page on github at this link. To use this page in your org, create a new page, name it, and use the “Blank Page” template option. Once you’re in the builder, click “Save”. After the page is saved, you should see a small link that says “View/Edit XML” at the bottom. Click on that and paste in the XML code from Github. Save the page again, and navigate back to the builder by clicking the “View/Edit in Page Builder” link. Basically, what I did was create two models on the contact object, one that shows all contacts, and one that shows the selected contact. I added a condition to the SelectedContact model that will pull in all contacts with an Id of blank. I’ll use the Skuid javascript api later to change this condition to be a specific id of the selected contact. Next I created a table linked to the “All Contacts” model and created a custom row action that ran a javascript snippet. I called the snippet “ViewContact” and then wrote the code for the snippet in the “Resources” tab of the builder. Inside the snippet, what I’m basically doing is getting references to the “SelectedContact” model and its condition. Then I’m setting the condition’s value to the Id of the contact that was clicked. Finally, I’m reloading the “SelectedContact” model. Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Though Ben outlines a javascript soution,  this is now possible with the action framework. 

How to accomplish using action framework?