Select Option picklist rendering as multi select picklist only in production

I have a filter type 'Select Option" on a table which is rendering as a 'Multi-select option only in my production environment.

I copied the exact page from my sandbox which is rendering the filter type properly to production and that same filter turns to a multi-select filter type. 

The Skuid versions are the same in production and sandbox. 

Very wierd…

In your production environment can you switch it back to a select option filter? 

Is it showing that way in both the page builder and the run-time? 

When you say copy - did you move the XML from one side to the other - or do somthing else? 

Very weird indeed!

I tried switching it back to a select option by toggling to another option but there really isn’t anything to switch. It shows that the select option is selected but when you preview the page it shows as a multi select.

No in page builder it looks like it should work properly, in run time it doesn’t.

I moved the XML from one side to the other by copy/paste.

Here is my filter:

Production Render:

Sandbox Render (The way it used to render and production and I need to still work):

If I removed the “Rows in a Model” option and create it manually the list comes back. Perhaps it is something with “Rows in a Model”.

I figured out the problem! Hopefully this will help someone! Thanks for the quickly reply as always Rob.

“Switch filter to Autocomplete at X Items” option the number was set to 25.

We have over 25 sales reps set up in production and not in sandbox. I changed the number to 50 and we were back in business. 

K. Still seems like a bug then if you could do multi select. Could you actually select multiple values or just the one?