Select filter on Date, with option for custom date range.

I’ve built a filter on a date field with manual options that looks like this (using the SFDC date filters like LAST_MONTH).

I’d like to add another option to the list called “Custom” or some such descriptive name… and allow the user to select or type in a custom date range.

Seems like the only thing I can do with a filter is affect a model condition. I was trying to figure out a way to use a condition on a ui-only field to somehow trigger an action.

I can add another filter on the table… a standard date range… but filters cannot be conditionally rendered (which would be handy, at least in this case)…

Anyone see a way to accomplish this? It would be super-helpful for report building.

In a report building scenario,  you might have luck with building filters out of arbitrary field editors.  These certainly can be conditionally rendered.  You might have a toggle that lets you choose from a set picklist of date filters,  or from specified fields.  See this example. Its not date related, but it shows the arbitrary field editor - as filter - model.…