Select all fields for model

In the case that I want more than 50% of an object’s fields to be in a model, it would be great to have a “select all fields” option in the model definition.


I was just looking for a select all option. My primary object has 450 fields.

Would be quite nifty to have this in conjunction with field type filter.

Any idea how can we add fields to model dynamically - 

var newModel = new skuid.model.Model();
newModel.fields = [    { id: ‘Subject__c’ },
    { id: ‘’ },
    { id: ‘Client_Contacts__c’ },
    { id: ‘Approved__c’ },
    { id: ‘End_Time__c’ }];

Now i have an array with all field names say-
var allfields = [“Client__c”,“Approved__c”];//This array contains all fields

How can we replace  
[    { id: ‘Subject__c’ },
    { id: ‘Client__c’ },
    { id: ‘Client_Contacts__c’ },
    { id: ‘Approved__c’ },
    { id: ‘End_Time__c’ }];



Any help would be appreciated. thanks!