Searching skuid table object and external objects

Using Salesforce Lightning Connect, I’ve successfully wired a skuid table to an external object that is a table on IBM’s DashDB hosted database service. (Sort of DB2 LUW in the cloud on IBM Bluemix.)

However, when I try to use the skuid “Search” field, nothing seems to happen. When I use the similar capability in the traditional Salesforce dev environment, a search is done across all columns for the data in the search box, without any special effort.

Do I have to explicitly enable something else for search to work when used like this?

Thanks in advance!

Greg Stasko

Greg.  This is strange. In our external object testing we have always been able to search without any further configuration. 

Can you make sure the search settings for the table are set to “apply Filters and Search Immediately” 

Hi Rob, When I look at the page setup under “Filters & Search”, I do see “Apply Filters and Search Immediately” as being checked.

I’m also going to check on our side to see if we can see anything going on via our DataDirect Cloud service, which is what I’m using to connect to DashDB.


Well, after some analysis on our end, it appears that we’ve identified a bug that is causing us to not handle the OData search properly. So we can consider this answered/closed! Apologies for the false alarm.

Thanks for letting us know.