Search suggestions bringing up suggestions that don't contain the search term...9.5.5

I have a search component in my header. It is set to search {{Name}}. If I search for “Doug” it returns a ton of search suggestions, most of which do not have the work “Doug” anywhere in the record (especially the name). 9.5.5

Hi Raymond, have you by any chance checked details for any of the unexpected results to see if “Doug” appears? I’m wondering if your search is using SOSL, and perhaps pointing to more fields than expected.

Hi Mark,
I have checked the records and there are no signs of “Doug”. I don’t see a setting for SOSL on the search component. It is strange. Some letter combinations bring up just the results I would expect, but others bring up 10 plus records that have nothing to do with the search phrase.

Search setups can have many different parameters, so if you wouldn’t mind sharing the relevant particulars of your setup, either via screenshot or XML, that will help us reproduce the scenario. 

I created a new page and added a search component. It works exactly as it is supposed to, so there must be an issue with the search component on this particular page. There are three issues with it. I have reported each through the community;

  1. Search results include suggestions that are not relevant to the search
  2. Sliding panel will not open from select actions
  3. If in a header and the header is set to Not Sticky, the search results display behind any page includes.

The page that this search component is on is large, so I created a clone and removed all of the unnecessary stuff. Here is the remaining xml. The search component still demonstrates the three issues above.

<!-- &lt;IFRAME SRC="{{Id}}"WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=800px&gt; LifeSensePopUp LifeSenseHousehold LifeSenseAcctId &nb

Hi Raymond, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I’ve looked at this XML in the page editor, and it has some custom fields and the custom hrmny__Financial_Account__c object, so I can’t reproduce the behavior. I notice that the search component has two return objects - Contacts and hrmny__Financial_Account__c. If you’re still troubleshooting this, my next suggestion would be to try removing each of those from the return objects list, one at a time, to try and isolate which of them is yielding the incorrect search results. 

Hi, Mark… That wasn’t the issue, but thanks for the suggestion. I decided to just delete the component and recreate it from scratch. I set it up with the same settings, but the new one works perfectly. Weird…

Thank you for letting me know how that worked out. If you see any similar behavior going forward, let us