Search NLX documentation for key words like salesforce, force, lightning and fix documentation

The NLX documentation has a lot of references scattered throughout the documentation to salesforce objects, rendering the documentation incorrect or confusing. I would suggest doing a search for key words that are salesforce-centric (i.e., salesforce, force, lightning, etc.) and marking those pages for update to more generic references that would work on multiple data source types.

Hey Duane, thanks for the feedback.

I did run a search on our docs, and there are definitely areas that need adjustment: some field labels, property options, and Salesforce-specific functionality (like Lightning behaviors for File Upload). I’ll prioritize improving these docs.

However, it’s worth noting that Salesforce isn’t an uncommon data source to use with NLX. Our JavaScript API docs also many times acknowledge which Salesforce technologies they are based on. These mentions are still relevant in NLX documentation.

Please send me any docs made particularly confusing by this issue, and I’ll get them fixed ASAP. Thank you!

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