Search components listings cutoff

Hi Pat. I’m sure you would have looked at some of the more obvious possible causes, but can you describe how this overflow used to look? Are the fonts larger now than before, or is your browser’s zoom level possibly different from normal? If you could try zooming out (-) to see if that affects things, I’m curious to see how that behaves. 

Browser zoom doesn’t change anything.

The Icon that is cutoff is the folder. It’s barely visible in the pic. Looks as though the scroll bar on the right of the is accounted for when displaying the search results.

Does it seem to you like the scroll bar is overlapping where it shouldn’t? Or, that it didn’t used to show? I wonder if you would be able to compare your custom theme to an out-of-the-box theme, to see if there is a difference.

Standard Theme Clean Green is even worse. The results background is transparent and still have the icon cut off.

Classic Theme works fine.

As does Lightning.

After testing, I can see the transparent background on the Clean Green theme, so I will submit this issue to the developers. I’m not quite able to get the overlap issue reproduced like in your screenshot though. Are there any other details about the page in question that you can share that would help me reproduce this? It does look like the scrollbar is overlapping where it shouldn’t, or perhaps there is a z-index that needs tweaking. But so far, the scrollbars I’ve produced on my test page aren’t behaving like what’s in your screenshot.