Search Component "View" pop up

We are deploying search components all over, but with our users actually using them now we are running into an issue. When a user is typing in a keyword, the search component returns 5 matches. If they want to see more matches, they click on “View” and it pops up a table of possible matches that they like - so they can pick which one they want.

Problem is… when they see the “one” they want, how do they click on it and make it be the selected one… which then fires off the Select actions that are defined on the search component? In many cases, the name is the first item in the returned object records. So, on the view pop up they see the hyperlink on the table and click it, and end up going to the detail page of the record, which makes them not love us. Also, the table that pops up has ALL the selected fields on the return object, some of which we use in select actions - but not something the user needs to see.

See attached for an example. Thanks!


Hi Chandra

Based on your pictures, I’m not assuming that you use the return object actions. Is that right?
In those actions you can define specific actions of what happens when the user clicks on an icon (redirect to URL, open popup, etc… Its similar to row actions).
Those actions are also available when the user clicks on ‘view all’ as row actions in the popup.

This is where you define the actions:

This is how the actions are displayed in the dropdown and the popup:

Hope this helps

Chandra, looking to solve this as well.  Did you ever find an answer to this?

David, just looking at your post.  We are currently using Select actions and having the same issue that Chandra was having.  Do you know if I should use actions on the Return Object instead - in order to ensure that opening the search for additional records works the same way as selecting from the picklist that appears under the search bar? 

Bumping this.  Does anyone know how to customize the columns that appear in the “more items” pop-up of the search box?  I’ve figured out how to use a Global Action (rather than a Select Action) to ensure that a item selected from the “more items” box will launch all the actions I need.  But, I would really like to remove some fields that show in the view by default - and remove the clickable Contact Name that will likely confuse users.

Figured it out.  The Return Objects “Fields” dictate which fields show in the pop-up.  I created a formula field that copies my Contact Name so that it is not clickable, and display that in the pop-up.  

Last question now: is there a way to close the search component drop-down?  This remains open after the “more results” popup is closed.