Search Component - sort returned objects by a field value

Hey Skuidsters - I’d love to sort the returned values for the search based on a field value. 

Use case specifics
1. A phrase object has a rollup field that counts how many times it has been used 
2. Sorting the search results would bubble popular options to the top

Is this possible?

This may help:

Thanks for the lightning fast response!

I’m trying to figure out how to apply it to the search component, since I don’t build out the model for that. Could you nudge me in the right direction?

Ah… Sorry. So quick with the response that I didn’t read the question correctly! That is a totally different issue. I am not hopeful that you’ll be able to accomplish this. I remember from other posts that the search component doesn’t have a lot of flexibility outside of the declaritive options. That, unfortunately is the best I’ve got for you on that.

As it turns out, this feature was either recently released or has been available and I never noticed it.

You now have the option to sort the results - and it has had a massive self-cleaning result on our use case.