Search component - row action

Hi I'm exploring the search component. On change of a text field in a table of records, I open a popup which contains the custom search component. I set it up to search just fine.

Issue: the search box is invisible. I cannot see what I type into the text box. Once I change the css in the developer console to black, I can see it.


1) Is it possible to prepopulate the search box e.g. from the user enter value into the text field above?

2) if user has to manually enter a search term and they select a search result, how do I set the selected value back to the text field or a row in a table of records??

Any pointers are appreciated!

Regarding the invisible text issue, you change its color in the Theme being used for that page.

So is that a product bug or a set up issue on my end?

It’s a setup on your end.

  1. Go to page properties to see which Theme the page uses.

  2. Go to theme in the Skuid menu.

  3. Click on the edit “wrench” in the row of the page theme being used on the page.

  4. Click on Search on the left UI.

  5. Go to the Search box options on the right UI to modify input text, placeholder text and other search look/feel options.

  6. Click Save when done, then refresh the page which has that theme. Also, you can preview your work and modify as necessary.

Thanks that worked. Not sure why it’s set to white by default though. We don’t use this feature.

You can also put the search component inside of a wrapper, with the wrapper set to a dark background.  We don’t this some when using standard themes where the search component is white.

Which Theme did you use? One that came with Skuod, or a custom one you made?

A custom one.

Do you recall which Theme was used as a base?