Search Component Return Objects Ordering/Permissions Bug

I’ve ran into a fairly obscure problem with the Search component on my master page when trying to add a custom object to the Return Objects list.

Basically it screws up the order of the returned search objects when the Return Objects list contains SF objects a user doesn’t have access to.

My Search component Return Objects were set as so:

However I have a license in our org, and thus don’t have access to the Lead and Opportunity objects. I would expect skuid to handlethat, but when I search for Journal entries like so, you can see that the list I get back isn’t right:

Especially when you compare it to after my workaround, where I get the following:

I basically moved the inaccessible objects to the back of the list where their failure couldn’t mess up the order of things I did have access to, as follows:

This is a fairly significant, albeit obscure bug, but I do expect this to be fixed in the future sometime…