Search Component - Filter

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Search Box - Adding a WHERE condition to the SOSL Query. It’d be helpful for me to specify a WHERE statement to the SOSL query in the search component. This seems fairly straight foward given SOSL syntax.

FIND {Joe Smith}
IN Name Fields
RETURNING lead (name, phone Where createddate = THIS_FISCAL_QUARTER)

Here’s my XML:

<search uniqueid="sk-1pOUMT-385" soslfields="Name Fields" limit="5">                                 
                                    <object id="Phrase_Template__c" displaytemplate="{{Text_English__c}} {{Phrase_Type__c}}">
                                          <field id="Phrase_Type__c"/>

Is there a way to write in a WHERE statement in <field id="Phrase_Template__c"/>?