search button for current user and other users

I hope this is an easy, out of the box solution :slight_smile:

I have a search box that allows me to search for my opportunity records and other user’s opportunity records using the “Search Rec Owner”.

One of my conditions set on my model is as follows:


The current setup populates all the records and can filter out the records as explained, however, is there a way to create a button that when pressed, will only show the running user’s records? This would eliminate the need of a user having to type their own name into the search box.

Thank you!

You can use a navigation component with a single navigation item as your button. You can have the action of that button be to activate the condition that limits the records to just those owned by the current user

I currently have the search field “Search Rec Owner” and button, “stage” in a Table. Could I add a table filter and create the button there instead? Thanks!

You should be able to create a new filter and set it to toggle. This is an on/off filter that activates and deactivates conditions on a model.

Ah perfect and I created both methods; your first suggestion was good too! Thanks again!