search and add multiple records to table

I thought I had seen this before and am trying to replicate it, but having difficulty. Essentally, I have a table of Users. Each month, I need to update some of the users roles/profiles/managers etc. Is there a way to type each of their names in the table Search box and have them all show up in the table below?

For example, if I type in ‘John Doe’ his user record is displayed. If I then type ‘Jane Doe’ She is displayed and John does away. What I would like to do is type in ‘John Doe’ ‘Jane Doe’ ‘Bob Johnson’ ‘Adam Eve’ and have all 4 of these users show in the table.

Is this possible? I feel like I saw it before and it would be a huge help to me and many folks on my team. Thanks

This is currently not possible. It significantly slows the searches. It isn’t an “OR” statement by adding a space.

We are using this as a good awareness to update our documentaion regarding tokenizing search. I can see how this would be confusing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.