Search a table component for the ContentVersion.TagCsv field?

I created a table on the ContentVersion object. I wanted to allow users to be able to reference this field when they are using the search bar in the table.

It seems like the search feature works for all the other fields I am using ContentVersion.Title, ContentVersion.Description, but it does not work for ContentVersion.TagCsv.

Does anyone know if ContentVersion.TagCsv can be searched? I am wondering if it has to do with the size of the field type Text(2000).

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry about that Sean.  The TagCsv field is not searchable.  

A good tool is the Salesforce API Developer Guide.  It shows you what properties are available for all the fields in the data model.  See here:

Look down in the fields and you’ll see that TagCsv does not support the Filter property. 

Generally, salesforce does not allow you to search on textarea fields. 

Thank you Rob! I really appreciate the quick response. I think I’ll try just making a custom field that is smaller, since I do not need such a large text field.