Scrolling Popup Page Include

I have a Page Include for a new Record create from a popup on a page. This works fine on the desktop and shows on mobile within salesforce one correctly. The problem is that we are unable to scroll down on the screen to access the rest of the fields. The popup does not allow any scrolling and I can only move down to the next fields by using the next arrows on the iphone keyboard/picker to advance. Any ideas what could be causing this? I tried to add a responsive grid as well but no luck.

Hi John,
Is this a page specific issue or can you reproduce it on any page?
Can you reproduce it on a simple page that only uses UI-only models or standard objects, so that you could copy&paste the XML of both pages (Main page and Page include) here?

Which Skuid version is currently installed?

Hi Luzie, What I was able to figure out is that if a Skuid page is embedded within a lightning page on mobile, the popups do not allow scrolling. I ended up going to regular salesforce tabs and putting them into Salesforce1 in order to fix the scrolling issue.