Scrollbars on tables

How do I add scrollbars on tables so that all my fields are shown?

A few different thoughts here. 

1.  Tables don’t have scroll bars of thier own.   We depend on the browser’s scroll bars when data gets too wide for the open window. 

2.  You can put the table into its own page,  which can be included into the primary page using an iFrame.  Turn the scrollbars on in the iframe.  Zach has been killing things with iFrame tutorials this week.  Check them out here and here

3.  I’d reccomend you think through your data to see where you can combine fields into the same column using a template component.  Narrow and long is a much more scannable form.  We never put an address in separate street1, street2, city, state, zip, country  columns.   Tons of width is saved if you combine them all in a template.  They can all still be editable too. 

4.  If you are interested in veritcal scrolling - so your table scrolls vertically and still shows you other material on the page -  use a panelset component.  

  • Drag the panelset into your page
  • Remove one of the panels - so there is only one left. 
  • Drag your table into the panel. 
  • On the panelset properties set “scrolling mode” to “varialbe height scrolling” or “fixed height scrolling”  and mess with the offset or height variable to get the effect you are after. 

Let me know if these ideas make sense…