Scale to mobile - No Zoom Option - The Sequel

I don’t think I did the Idea justice when I posted it, so I am going to try again:
In the Unified Builder when a page is set to “Scale To Mobile” there should be an option or a default to eliminate zooming. I know this is possible because pages created with the mobile builder don’t zoom. 
Why is this important? If you are creating a page that you want to Scale to Mobile, you most likely want it optimized for the mobile experience. You probably (with some exceptions) want it to mimic a native mobile app as much as possible. 
Zooming and Scrolling are great features for desktop pages displayed on a mobile device as the screen is so small and the page is so big. However, if the page is scaled to mobile, then the zooming and scrolling become a huge detractor from the experience. 
So what I propose is a checkbox in the page options that appears when the “Scale To Mobile” option is selected to “Allow Focus and Zoom”. If deselected, then the page will function as if it was built in the mobile builder and when you select a field, it won’t zoom in on that field. If selected, however, it will function like a desktop page and zoom in when you select a field.
Also, there are a variety of issues with how Skuid Popups designed in the Unified builders display in scale to mobile. Percent, VW, and even specified width often don’t translate well between the desktop and mobile experience. It would be great to have an option or a default that automatically makes popups 100% width or has the mobile browser open the popup in a new tab. When the pop up is closed, the user would be navigated back to the originating tab of the mobile browser.