Scale to mobile issue with conditionally rendered components

I originally thought this was a sliding panel issue as I reported here: But I’m now fairly certain it is a scale to mobile issue. I have a page with a background image and several conditionally rendered components. When the component is hidden and I trigger it to display, it works fine, but when I trigger the component to hide again, it freezes the browser (mobile safari) for about 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Then I can resume use, but the background image is messed up and choppy. If I turn off scale to mobile, the page works fine.

Hi Raymond, can you share more specific so we can try to reproduce this, or alternatively share the XML for a simple reproduction page using standard fields and objects?

Also, have you tried using Safari’s dev tool “Enter Responsive Design Mode?” If you open this in your laptop/desktop machine, you can try to simulate a few different mobile devices, and perhaps watch for any console errors that may come up.