Scale to mobile available as rendering condition

Now that Skuid can recognize mobile layout and scale accordingly, it would be great if that was available as a rendering condition. Scale to mobile = true Scale to mobile = false That way certain components or fields or columns or pop ups would only render based on whether scale to mobile is active. An example might be a component needed for desktop but that doesn’t make sense for a mobile layout. Or maybe on desktop you want to display 8 columns of a table but on mobile you only want 3 of those columns. Or maybe you want sliding panels or pop ups to display as new tabs on mobile.

Oh, also… it would be great if we could have tabsets reduce to Hamburger menues if in scale to mobile.

So much YES.  We have long thought about how can we reduce the 50 fields that users “need” to see on that detail page down to the critical 8 when viewing on mobile, but still use just one Skuid page.