Saving with blank required fields

I have a save button that has multiple actions, but begins with saving of two models, each that contain required fields.  On the save, if an error occurs, the model is supposed to roll back changes.

The two fields are running on two separate models, one that is to the notes object, and one that is to the leads object.

Field 1: Body: Notes Object
Field 2: Date: Leads Object

When the save button is hit with Field 1 blank, the save stops and the actions after the save on the model do not occur.  However, when the the field 2 is blank, the save continues and remaining actions on the save button are executed.

I believe this is occurring the way it does is probably the field 1 is required on notes object (not sure as I cannot see the fields associated with notes).  My question is, without making the field 2 required within Salesforce, how can I get skuid to halt the save and all further actions on the save button if the field is blank?

If on the latest version of Skuid you can probably use branching logic in your actions sequence. Also you could only render the save button if there are values in both fields.

Would there need to be an initiating action to have the page go through the logic to determine which save button shows.  

For the page- field 1 will always be blank, however, field 2 could be blank or could have a value pre-populated, depending on the scenario.

I guess my question is, if field 2 was blank, when populated how would the changes in save buttons be rendered.

Components have rendering settings. They automatically listen for changes in the fields. Shouldn’t require anything else.