Saving a Record Triggering Flow Error but from Skuid Interface Only

Hey all, 

I am getting an error when trying to save records that trigger a Lightening Process but only when I do it from the Skuid interface. Here’s the intended series of actions: 

1) Contact record is created OR edited to meet certain criteria 

2) The criteria trigger a Lightening Process

3) The Process calls a Trigger-Ready Flow (Visual Workflow) 

4) The Flow updates a field on a sibling contact to the original contact that meets certain criteria 

Now, when I trigger the Process by updating a field value on a contact using the STANDARD Salesforce interface, the whole thing works like a charm. The field on that contact’s sibling contact is updated as intended. 

However, when I trigger the Process by trying to update the field value on a contact using the SKUID interface, I get the following error: 

It seems to be some particular effect of the Flow interacting with Skuid, because as I mentioned, it works just fine when I override the Skuid interface and do it from the standard interface. 

Thanks for any help. 

Yikes, that’s an ugly error — unfortunately I don’t think we can help here, looks like a Salesforce issue. Might be something to do with the fact that Skuid is performing the update in a different namespace, and then the Lightning Process / Flow are launched, so maybe the Lightning Process engine doesn’t like being called from a different namespace than it’s defined in? No idea — I definitely think you should take it up with Salesforce.