Save popup and query

I’m having a problem with a page re-query after a save on popup.

I have created a new SF tab with a page override. The Skuid page has a 6 tabs that are all page includes. I have one tab called Cases that uses a queue and another page include for the case details page.

On the case detail page in the case notes tab I have a popup to add a new note to the case. What I would like to see after the popup is saved and closed is the new comment using the Get More query behavior but what happens is after the popup closes for one second I can see the new row but then the entire page is refreshed and then shows the case from the default view in the queue. As if I clicked on the salesforce tab override.

Below are my actions for the save button.

Here is my guess. Somewhere else on your page you have a save button that has an “after save redirect” defined. That after save redirect kicks off any time the data is saved, even though it is not specified in the action framework sequence in your other save action. You should convert both sets of save actions to action framework sequences - one including the redirect, and one not.