Save Models within multiple actions not throwing error inside wizard

I’m seeing the save model error message inconsistently thrown when trying to save a model within a wizard.

Specifically, within one of my steps I’ve got 2 field editors tied back to models name ‘HsgBkg’ and ‘HsgSemiAnnual’. Each field editor has required fields on them…required on SF object & Skuid page.

I’ve got a step button with multiple actions: 1) Save changes HsgBkg 2) Save changes HsgSemiAnnual 3) Navigate to next step (‘employment’)

When clicking the Navigate button, no errors are being thrown. I’m going a little crazy trying to get this to work, but nothing…

I NEED to require users to input data before continuing forward in wizard…help would be much appreciated!

Screencast here:

Button actions XML:

What are the error messages? Which build of Skuid?

The Field Required error messages when no data is input into the required fields. I don't want users progressing through the wizard unless they fill out all required fields.


Try saving the two models in one actions framework step instead of two. Click on “Models to Save” from the first step, then select the second model. Also, I usually assign the component to the most important model in the sequence.