save just one row in table

Is there a way to save just the selected row from a row action?

I have a situation where a user is entering values in a table that is in edit mode, and as they go down the list, they may encounter a situation where they need to save just one row in the table, without saving the whole model, because we want to refresh the model to show new child records, and save that row, but can’t save the whole model due to required fields not being filled out. 

Could you create a separate model based on the same object then as part of your row action sequence activate and set value of a condition equal to the id of the row in context then save that model instead? Then that model would only have the row in question upon save.

Not quite. The changes would still be in the original model. You’d have to use a javascript snippet to query then puch the related changes into the new model.

Drats, Foiled! But I will not give up that easily. What if after you set and activate the condition on the secondary model, you use update fields on rows to populate what would be the only row in the secondary model with the values from the row in context from the primary model?

Yes, you could do this and have a field update action for every field in the primary model. That way it’s within normal skuid functions without any javascript hackery. Just have to remember to have a field update added for each field in the primary model.

Personally, I’d like to be able to adopt row that takes in the row changes along with it. But, alas this functionality has not yet made it to the top of the very very long list of features to come.

I like the way you guys think.  Thanks for brainstorming a solution. 

This needs to be converted to an idea. I’d love the ability to save or cancel a single row. I’d use this straight away in the List & Card component we’re developing.

Is it possible to change the mode of that “saved” row back to read and leave the “unsaved” rows in edit mode as part of this action sequence?

did this ever make it high enough on that stack of functionality?