Salesforce1 not showing Skuid page when using user license.

I created a Skuid mobile app and created the related VF Page with the redirects.  It works and looks fantastic on Salesforce1 for Salesforce standard user license but when logging in with a user license the page does not appear in Salesforce1.  I have checked that the profile matches the SF user profile and the necesary Skuid API and permission sets are set for the profile to view Skuid pages.  I have also checked with Salesforce that user licenses can make use of Salesforce1 full funtionality.  What am I doing wrong?

I’m using skuid and on sf1 without problems, so i can verify that it should work. Does the user have a skuid license and is the models used only accessing non-crm objects? It’s not possible to do skuid apps that access opps, cases etc with licenses.

Hi Peter. Problem solved.  Yes it is true that users cannot access cases and opportunities, however they can access Accounts, Contacts and up to 10 custom objects plus more. Refer to for the different license comaprisons. It is a great way to distribute apps to users at a fraction of the price of a full Salesforce license. When you activate a license you receive a App Subscription User Profile by default which you need to clone and make sure that the profile has access to the custom objects related to the mobile app you have written. Part of the process of enabeling a Skuid Mobile Page for Salesforce1 is to create a Visualforce Tab. See the Skuid page here: (Also don’t forget to grant a Skuid UI permission set and license to the User) The trick is that the Visualforce Tab you create for your mobile app appears under the User Profile Settings and Object Settings section and you need to enable the Tab settings to Default On for that profile.  The reason for this is when you create a Visualforce Tab part of the process is granting access to profiles but if you purchase a license after you have created the Tab the new profile Object setting will automatically be set Hidden. Thanks for the comment and chat again I’m sure. Regards Greg

Hi Greg,
Yes that is exactly why we use the licenses for some custom apps. Combined with SKUID it gives a lot of funcitonality for a very attractive price making it feasible for small apps with many users where the CRM licensing costs would be to high. The benefit of still working with the same Accounts and Contacts is a huge advantage for companies wanting a 360-view of their customers.
Regards Peter