Salesforce to Salesforce Connection Sent Fields Not Working

When displaying the ConnectionSentId fields for an object the fields are blank. Creating a table using the object PartnerNetworkConnection works fine but those same Ids should also be available on the shared records.

Seems to be same issue for an object whether I try PartnerNetworkRecordConnection or the parent PNC.

Darrell, is the ConnectionSent.ConnectionName field in the affected Models? 

It is.

If I just setup a basic model and include both the ConnectionSentId and the ConnectionSent.ConnectionName and run that, both of these fields are blank even on shared records.

I understand it’s difficult to test since you have to have a shared connection setup but just looks like that those fields aren’t pulling in anything 

Hmm. Rather than dragging in the ConnectionSentId field into your Field Editor / Table, can you try doing the following:

1. Drag in a Template / add a Template field
2. For the template body, put this: {{{ConnectionSentId}}} ({{{ConnectionSent.ConnectionName}}})

I just want to check whether this is an issue of data not being provided by Salesforce or whether it’s a UI-level rendering issue.

No good on the templates. Tried using a template field within the table and also created a Field Editor component and tried using that with Template field and nothing.

Also, you did have parentheses in the template body you sent me and, in case that wasn’t an accident for some reason, I tried with and without those.

Okay, all signs appear to be suggesting that Salesforce is not sending Skuid any data for the ConnectionSentId or any related fields. If that’s the case, there’s not much we can do — could there perhaps be some field level permissions that aren’t set up correctly on those fields? Or maybe some special System Permissions or User Permissions related to Salesforce-to-Salesforce that have to be added to the user’s profile/ a permission set?

No on the permissions because on the same page I can create a model for the PartnerNetworkConnection object and put that table on the page and that works fine. So you are at least getting the data for that object.

The only caveat to the above is the special Salesforce “Connection User” which is who creates the connections. That really shouldn’t matter but there are quirky things with these objects so I’m not completely surprised at this problem.

Also, we are just previewing the page in Skuid, the actual object is using the SFDC page layout and I (System Admin) can see the ConnectionSent info there fine so we know the permissions are ok.

It looks like one of the items missing is the Local Record Id for the PartnerNetworkRecordConnection object. I just created a table on that and the Id and Status populate but not the LocalRecordId or PartnerNetworkConnectionId. Obviously without those fields it cannot make the association correctly. I guess we’ll keep playing with it then to see if any workarounds. Thanks, Darrell

Zach FYI now I see in the docs that the ConnectionSentId field is not available after API 15. It’s visible but you can’t use it in a query…so this is the issue.