Salesforce Summer '20 Release - Updates that affect Skuid

Salesforce will be automatically activating Stabilize the Hostname for My Domain URLs in Sandboxes which removes the Salesforce instance name from the URL.

Who May Be Affected By This:

Any instance (production or sandbox) where the instance name is visible in the URL (e.g. MyDomain–

When Will My Org be Affected?

Sandboxes and production orgs on Summer ‘20: July 11, 2020

Newly created or refreshed sandboxes: when created or refreshed

Production orgs not yet upgraded to Summer ‘20 when the Summer ‘20 upgrade occurs

What do I need to do?

Update hard coded references as explained in this Salesforce documentation. Specifically within Skuid, check pages with “Redirect to URL” actions or any embedded iframes and make sure links to other locations within your Salesforce Org use relative URLs. If you are using Salesforce as an external data source or in other external sources, you will also need to update those data sources and callback URLs. Please test this out by following the directions in the Salesforce documentation prior to this being enforced in your org.

Other Summer '20 changes previously mentioned:

Changes to Guest User Record Access: For more details on these changes and the options available, please see