Salesforce Skuid Error: Insufficient Access Rights On Object ID

The Salesforce error “insufficient access rights on object id” means that the current user/profile does not have sufficient rights on the object (possibly specific fields on the object if field-level security is used), including having read-only access in a context where edit access is required. If record types are being used, the profile must have access to that record type (and its fields). An Administrator should check access on these items via Salesforce Setup for the profile in question.

A related error, “insufficient access rights on cross-reference id” means that a user does not have access to a related object (via a lookup or Master-Detail field).

If these errors are seen in the context of a Skuid page, the Salesforce objects served up by Skuid models should be reviewed. Also note that the Skuid Page Builder permission set doesn’t give users “Modify All” access to Skuid pages. Depending on org sharing settings, you may need to grant users “Modify” permission for specific Skuid page records if they’re getting an “insufficient access rights on object Id” error when they try to edit a page.