Salesforce Service Cloud Console look with Skuid capabilities

In order to help ease the transition from Salesforce standard to Skuid, I would like to know if anyone has a template for the Salesforce Service Cloud Console look, but with Skuid capability?  I’ve attached a screen shot of the view we would like to start with, but with us adding additional capabilities of Skuid.  I’ve looked through the templates on this site and searched both Deep Dives and conversations and haven’t found one that would closely mimic the Salesforce look.

From the screen shot below you can see that we use use Queues (‘A LOT’) where the list of available/unassigned cases are in the top pane, with Case detail below and the next higher level of information (Asset or Account, depending on what’s in the detail pane) in the right pane.  If you know of something that you could point me to for viewing or copying, I would greatly appreciate it.

Have you looked here:…

Many of these pages and tabs would fit within the console.