Salesforce Instance URL

I do not want to change redirect URL for the several environment once the changes are deployed to UAT or Production.

How can I access the salesforce instance URL through skuid?


If you want to redirect to pages from within a Skuid page it’s best practice to use a relative url because Skuid “knows” your salesforce url. For example, if you want to go to another Skuid page you can redirect to /apex/UI?page=SkuidPageName and you’ll be redirected to that page within the org you’re in. You can use a similar template for redirecting to standard pages; for example, I can redirect to /006/o to go to the Salesforce standard opportunities list page. By doing this you won’t have to change redirect URLs when you change from a sandbox to production, as long as your Skuid page names that you redirect to are the same. Does that help?


Yes indeed it is helpful. Thanks Ami appreciate it.

Before moving to Brooklyn, I was able to get the Instance with merge fields, but this doesn’t seem to work anymore.  

For instance {{$}} would return the instance, but not anymore. Can you confirm this?



What version of Brooklyn are you on? That merge syntax should still work as long as you have a model on the page called Org that includes the InstanceName field:


Cool trick. Didn’t think of getting it through the Organization object.