Salesforce header not showing when in Lightning

Hi everyone,

I am in the middle of migrating the company’s Salesforce org to the Lightning Experience UI. All our Skuid pages have been tested and are working fine in both interfaces, but I noticed the SF header is not being displayed in any of the pages when I’m in LEX:

  • Classic:


  • LEX:


Upon going over the documentation, I found this piece of information:

“You cannot disable the Lightning header within Lightning Experience, so keep this in mind when designing Skuid pages, especially when using headers within those pages.”

… but this seems to be the opposite of what I am seeing. Am I missing something obvious?

Skuid page version: all pages are v1.
Skuid app version: Spark (12.2.9).

to add a bit more info: There are no errors in the browser console (tested on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

Are the screenshots taken from previewing the pages?

No, they’re from accessing the page directly. The issue also happens when previewing the page though.

Just went over the documentation again and found out that creating a Lightning page and embedding the Skuid page into it does the trick - my bad.