Salesforce forcing Lightning - Page Overrides?

In ~40 days Salesforce is forcing a critical update that force-enables lightning whether you like it or not.

On our page we’re using Salesforce Classic overrides to override the homepage as well as all additional managed and unmanaged pages. With lightning forced on this no longer works, the homepage directs you to the Lightning home page and the only way I can find to get back is to go into the App’s SKUID homepage, where it will display with the lightning header bar on top of the SKUID page. Additionally, for managed pages it seems like in Lightning you can’t override them with a Salesforce Classic page – how would I go about overriding these?

I’ve looked into this article but I’m not finding anything helpful here:

What I need to do is completely override the Salesforce lightning UI similarly to how we had the Classic UI completely overridden, not just have a component inside of its interface.

As far as i’m aware it forces lightning for users on standard profiles, not custom profiles…but it would be good to have that confirmed?

You can try creating a permission set with the “Remain in Salesforce Classic” setting enabled and then assign that Permission set to your users.

You will find the “Remain in Salesforce Classic” option under the System Permissions section.

Thank you Tami!

I’ve enabled that and I hope that helps as a workaround measure, but it looks like users still need to go over to the top right user menu and click it then click “Switch to Salesforce classic” and I’m not sure if that’s a permanent change or not (usually lightning likes to randomly come back even with that selected)

Is there a way to force people into classic rather than give them the option to use Lightning? Is there a way to just override Lightning with either SKUID or Salesforce Classic?

You’re welcome!

It has been my experience that after setting and assigning the permission set the user will have to click “Switch to Salesforce classic” one time and then going forward they will stay in the classic view.

Also, I think Glenn is correct that forcing users to lightning is only for standard profiles, not custom profiles.