Salesforce CTI and clicking on telephone field

Hi, how do I replicate the powerdialer function to auto ring the Salesforce CTI when you click on a telephone number

I’m using fastcall cti

Hey @Chris_Mollan, welcome back!

Try creating a template field that contains the phone number field {{Phone}}, and then a field interaction that will call the number. Then you can create an Salesforce data source action to trigger Fastcall via Apex or a Flow, or you can run a Javascript snippet.

You could also trigger this action via a button, button field, or anything where you can create actions.

Skuid Docs: Template Fields
Skuid Docs Salesforce Data Source Actions

The Fastcall docs will also be important here to figure out the different ways you can trigger the call - looks like they do have classes and flows available.

Hi, thanks, I can do this but annoyingly FastCall invokes a call by ringing the outgoing nuber first and, only once answered will it be transferred to an internal user.

I’m just wanting the CTI popup to be activated - if I click on a phone number on a lightning page it works perfectly and dials the number automatically

There is a way to launch a Lightning popup from Skuid, which might be helpful for you if you can figure out from FastCall how to call their default CTI popup.

You may need to reach out to FastCall or check their docs to get more information about that popup and if there’s a way to call it from another managed package (likeSkuid) via the API.