Salesforce Connection with Eventsforce

We need to connect Salesforce with our events system (Eventsforce) using Skuid. We want to be able to display Eventsforce events against Salesforce contact records, as records on a related list using the email address as a match between the two systems.

I’m at a point where I have been able to gain access through Skuid to Eventsforce data using a REST API to start running some tests,

The first test I try to run is an attempt at displaying all Eventsforce events

I have noticed some differences when querying the data through a JSON viewer in chrome, to querying through the Skuid UI.

When sending the query I receive only one record of data in Skuid. When I send this same query in the JSON viewer, it returns all records (about 20).

Below are my common request headers.

Why am I only receiving 1 record in Skuid?

I didn’t have the “Path to Contents” field populated on the model…records are now being returned correctly!

Glad to hear that you figured this out, Glenn! If you have any other questions feel free to reach back out here,