Salesforce Communities Using Napili Template

I’ve seen some posts here asking about Skuid pages inside Lightning and some suggestions/issues; however each time I see Skuid mentioned with Salesforce Communities docs say we have to use the VF+Tabs option. Why?

If we can use Skuid with Lightning (with the caveats in other posts) can’t we then use the Communities templates such as Napili and add our Skuid pages as Components where needed? Or does that just not work for whatever reason?

Funny you should ask. I recently started building a Community using Napili Template and plan to use Skuid with Lightning (where necessary) - just like you described.

I have a strong hunch that the Skuid Docs for Communities may be outdated. There was a time when Skuid supported Salesforce Communities, but Lightning hadn’t really emerged yet in the Salesforce ecosystem.

(Full disclosure: I have yet to actually try embedding a Skuid page into the community. Will post an update once I do.)

Just confirmed that as of Spring '17, Salesforce Communities built using Templates can also support Visualforce Pages. Documentation here:

So essentially, Skuid should update their Communities documentation to reflect that Skuid can work with both Classic Communities (VF+Tabs) and Lightning Communities (Template+Skuid Lightning).

Yes I’ve seen the Salesforce docs which actually prompted question since Skuid docs not as clear (outdated as suggested). So I’m still interested to know what actually happens when these are used in Communities.

Hi ddeveaux and Roman, thank you for opening this discussion. We’re currently migrating all of our documentation to our new site ( and reviewing a lot of it as we do. While this process takes some time, we’ll do our best to make sure our docs are up to date. We do appreciate your patience and contributions to the conversation. 

Thanks Mark! I’m sure it’s a big undertaking to migrate and update all your docs. So I completely understand.