Salesforce Communities - Allowing a community user to login and be greeted with a detail view of the


Apologies in advance, Salesforce Communities are a little new for me.

I’d like a community user to login to a Community and be greeted with a detail page, created in Skuid, that is based on their corresponding Contact record (i.e. the Contact that is related to that community User).

I think I’ve got this working by creating a Skuid page which serves up a detail view of a Contact record, with a subquery condition on the Contact which shows the Contact from the Contact lookup on the User record where the User Id is the Id of the running community User logged in - y’dig?

I can then set the Community to have only one tab (e.g. Contacts) and have that tab redirect to my Skuid detail page. If headers and sidebars are removed from the Skuid page the Community user logs in and sees only Skuid, and they’re viewing only their Contact detail page and anything else I allow access to. This is awesome…

First question - is this the right approach for what I’m trying to achieve?

We’d want the users to be able to login and edit their own contact data, related records to that contact, etc, and not see anyone else’s data.

Second question - how is this priced by Skuid wrt community users logging in?

Feel free to email me with regards to the second question.

Cheers everyone,

You folk are all the best.


I’ll ask our sales guys to reach out to you by Email regarding pricing. 

You are absolutely on the right track regarding the implementation of the community.  If you want further confirmation - watch the video Ben did about 2 years about Skuid Communities…

Cheers Rob, that’s swell!