Safari browser - charts rendered in monochrome with black background. But not always...


The charts on one of our Skuid pages are being rendered in monochrome, but only in Safari, not in Chrome (not tried other browsers). Also, this is not happening for all our pages.

Lastly, there’s no custom CSS, and swapping themes doesn’t fix the issue…

I’ve tried seeing if there’s a CSS culprit using the developer console but can’t seem to find anything. There are a bunch of CSS errors in the console for Safari, but that’s true of the other pages where there is no issue too…

Not sure what to try next…



Hi, Louis. This is a known bug in Banzai Update 7. Any charts that already had custom colors should still be working, but any where you didn’t specify colors are going to be problematic. We’ve already started working on a fix, but in the meantime, there are two potential workarounds:

  1. Give all your Charts/Geocharts colors
  2. Use a Before Render Snippet like the following to clear out any color properties Skuid sets and fall back on Highcharts defaults:

(function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; skuid.snippet.register('clearChartColors',function(chartObj){ if (chartObj.colors !== undefined) delete chartObj.colors; if (chartObj.chart && chartObj.chart.backgroundColor !== undefined) delete chartObj.chart.backgroundColor; // Clear Geochart specific color properties if (chartObj.colorAxis !== undefined) delete chartObj.colorAxis; if (chartObj.plotOptions && !== undefined) { var mapPlotOptions =; if (mapPlotOptions.nullColor !== undefined) delete mapPlotOptions.nullColor; if (mapPlotOptions.states && mapPlotOptions.states.hover && mapPlotOptions.states.hover.color !== undefined) delete mapPlotOptions.states.hover.color; } }); })(skuid);

Thanks buddy, that fixed it. Cheers!

This issue has been resolved in Banzai Update 8, available on the Skuid Releases page.