S3 feature requests

Feature requests:

  1. Show the Object URL in the data model.

  2. Add another data source action to download the target object. It would work just like the current download action, but it would add the query string parameter to force the download of the object rather than open it in a browser (something like: ?response-content-disposition=attachment:%20FILENAME.EXT)

  3. Allow visibility and editing of the tags and meta-data

Talking about Amazon right? How is that working for you?

It works great once you get it set up correctly.

Compared to Google Docs:

More control over security public/private/deletion protection
No hassle when an employee leaves and they are the owner of the attachment
User’s don’t have to login or have a Google License

Less control over the behavior of download vs. display in a tab. Browser makes the decision for you.

Cool beans. I haven’t had the opp to use it yet.