Run Script after filter selection on Skuid Model

I have skuid model displayed in table and also it has Table filter…

How to run the script after Table filter selected before data is populated in the table. 

I am trying to remove some of the data from model before table is populated based on another object data.

The same I have done using on On page load,using function(skuid) {… }

Pls share the inputs

Curious. If you plan to remove the data from the model, why even include the fields in the model?

I have object A mapped with Skuid table(Object A) but based on filter conditions, I have to check first Object B and If object B has any records on selected filter conditions, I need to show the Object A record along with Object B records(Custom render) in 1 row.  If Object A has records for selected filter condition but Object B does not have records for filter condition, I will not show them in the Table. 

Seems like you need only one model for this. Object A as the model you point to when creating the model. Object B as the model you point to when selecting child relationships. The tricky part would be to only include rows from Object A where there is an associated row in Object B.

Like, only Show Accounts that have Contacts.

As long as there is some relationship between the two objects Pat does provide the most straightforward answer…

Great… Thanks!! I will change my logic based on your inputs.