Run Multiple Actions Excecution Order

Hi, I’m new to skuid and am linking it; however, i’ve run into an issue.

My goal is to present the user a list of records and allow the user to create a chatter post related to a record in the list that contains an @mention by default. The @mention is to the the user that is part of the record.

The approach I’ve taken is to have a skuid page that has a model of the records I want displayed and have a table set to that model. The table has a row action that runs multiple actions. The first action is Show Popup and the second action is Run Snippet . The popup includes a template that includes an iframe that references skuid__Social apex page that renders a chatter form. The snippet gets the user info from the record and composes text for the @mention.

The problem is the snippet runs before the popup fully renders even though it comes after the popup action. So I cannot get a reference to the text area to set the @mention since it hasn’t been rendered.

My hope is to wait until the popup has fully rendered before running the snippet. This may be further complicated, since the template contents is an iframe.

The content of the template is:

<iframe src="{{$Site.Prefix}}/apex/skuid__Social?id={{{Id}}}" frameBorder=0 width="100%" height="600px"/>

I’ve found the following articles; however, they do not describe how to know when a previous action has completed. Just how to make sure your javascript can let other steps know when it has completed. It is possible that I may have misunderstood something.

I wouldn’t be offended if a different approach is recommended. I’ve considered creating a model for a chatter post and altering the new record that is rendered to include the @mention.