"Run Multiple Actions" example for taking data from a row to create a new row in another object

Is there an example that someone could send me the link for?

So essentially you want to clone some fields from one record in a model to another record in a different model?

I would recommend creating a flow in the back end that does this and use the multiple actions to then refresh. This is probably the easiest way I think. 

It sounds like Matt has a good idea here. I wanted to also toss in the fact that you can use the action framework to create a new row on your destination model, and give that new row default values. The default values could be static, or they could use merge syntax to grab values from another model. 

I’d recommend looking at our documentation on Skuid Merge Syntax, and Global Merge Variables, to understand how you might approach this. 

Hey the merge field idea is fantastic! Anna I would try this way first and if you have trouble then maybe look at a flow / process.