Run actions on close of event or page


Few Ideas

  • ‘After-close actions’ section for drawers, similar to modals.
  • Tables publish ‘drawerClosed’ event when a drawer is closed for a table, but that event does not carry any information. It would be nice if the event included the row and model for which the drawer was closed.
  • Able to trigger an action sequence on-page close event, opposite to ‘Skuid Page: Rendered’.

Any of the above could potentially solve the following problem: I have a page that has a ‘Submit’ button and a table, the table has drawers with a page-include inside it. Each drawer is able to accept information. Submit button should not be enabled if a user has entered any information for any of the drawers.

Current issue: if a user enters information I can disable the button (using events to communicate between page includes and top-most page), but I’m unable to re-enable the button if a user closes a drawer. The button should be re-enabled since the user basically discarded their changes by closing the drawer.

I haven’t found anywhere I could attach an action or event, any ideas in the interim would be appreciated.

Thank you,