Row deleted not fired for rows that are abandoned/removed

When model.removeRowById or model.abandonRow is called, the row.deleted event is not fired.

Not sure if there should be a separate event (row.abandoned) or if row.deleted (possibly with an abandon flag) is appropriate, but would like to see some event visibility to round out the possible row actions that can occur.


Skuid Team -

Run in to this several times in the 1.5 years since posting this and again today.  There still does not appear to be any event visibility to remove/abandoned rows.  Removing rows is a stock action in the framework, yet the model actions can’t “listen” for it nor can any JS code using subscribe.  

While there are some workarounds (e.g. using an editor that is registered and overriding editor methods, etc.), the workarounds involve significantly more code that a simple event subscribe would.

Are there plans to expose events for these at some point?