Row actions icon and text are fully messed up after upgrading to Skuid 10

When I was using skuid 9.5
The row actions on a table look good. Not extra redundant label text.

However, after upgrading the Skuid 10. All the layout is broken and ugly.
Any idea?

I am on ten and this is not happening to any of my tables. I don’t even see an option to display the label, so I’m not sure how this is happening.

Have you updated your Themes post the update to 10?

Sorry, did you mean this behavior(showing label text beside row actions) should be affected by some other themes? It’s not coming from skuid, right?
I didn’t include any css on this skuid page though.

It can be if you open the themes tab on the skuid main page in SF, if the themes need to be updated there is an option to do so, this needs to be done even if you do not use themes and/or CSS

Paul is correct - updating your themes will correct this.