row action to send an email

I would like to have a table row action that would send an email or .  Is that possible and how would that be done?


Are you looking to send an email automatically when the row action is pressed or to open up the user’s email client and have them manually send the email?

No...the email would be generated from SF.

thanks Craig

I’m not aware of a way to natively have SF send an email directly from a row action in skuid, but here are two workarounds:

1) Open a new window directing the user to the SF email page: This post covers this pretty well. The user still has to go to the new page and click send.


2) Add a boolean field on your object and pull it in your model but not your table. Have a row action that updates that hidden field to be true/false. You would then create a SF trigger, workflow, or process builder rule to send an email template when that hidden field value is changed.

Those are the options that I know of, but someone else may have a much better way of doing it.