Rockaway Filter Issue

Hi Again,

We have a filter on a activities that used to work in Banzai, but now fails.
It filters all activities based on owner role. It works for all but 1 role.

See screenshot.

Any ideas?

Can you give us some more details about what kind of filter it is, and what the options are for your filter?

It filters on UserRole. The filter works for all roles but 1. Same filter works when filtering for Sales, but not for BDRs.

Very odd.

Is  Business Development Rep the only role in the option list that has spaces in it?

Nope, most of them do.

Managed to fix this.  
I am loading 1500 records in this page, when applying the filter, reduced it to 1200 and it works. 

Thanks for the follow-up Mansour. We’ll see if this crops up for other people.