Rockaway Community Champions

At today’s Rockaway Release Webinar we announced our latest set of community champions.  They are: 

Bill McCullough
Jack Sanford
Raymond Stone

 These guys have been super quick to jump in and help everyone here on the community with your challenges and problems.  Their level of commitment and creative problem solving is just amazing. 

Thanks a ton!  And get ready… some swag is coming! 

Thanks for the acknowledgement! I spent the afternoon buring all of my clothes to make room for my Skuid swag. Hope there is some Skuid underwear in there or I’m going to have to rethink my wardrobe.

Bill/Jack/Raymond - Congrats, extremely well deserved!

Thanks, Barry!

Thanks Skuid, and congrats Bill and Raymond! It was nice hearing how you all are using Skuid in your day to day.