Right/left Scrolling of table on mobile is really bad

I know there is the option to have a table convert into cards for mobile, but there are some circumstances that I would like to have an actual table display and scroll through it. I have several tables like this. On mobile safari, the up/down scroll is fine, but right/left is really bad. Most of the time it doesn’t respond to my swipes. I’m using a sticky header… maybe that has something to do with it…

Do you run into this only in Safari on your mobile device? Does it seem like the sideways swipe might be registering as interacting with the field underneath your finger instead of a swipe to scroll? 

Sorry just getting back on this, Mark… It happens in mobile Chrome on iPhone too, but I have found that it only happens in either mobile safari and chrome when the table is in a page include.

Hi Raymond,

So far, on my Android device, horizontal and vertical scrolling are working smoothly in Chrome. With the sticky header turned on, the strangest behavior I notice is that the included page’s table will sometimes scroll when you swipe left & right, and other times the outer/parent page will scroll instead. The determining factor seems to be which element/area of hte page your finger first touched. The fact that we have several nested ‘scrollable’ areas may make it hard for the browser to interpret which area a finger swipe should apply to. Does this sound like what might be happening in your case, or is there something else happening?

Yes, except that sometimes it doesn’t respond to left/right or up/down swipes. I’ll check to see if I have a sticky header and see if that helps. I think I also have the first column frozen. That may have something to do with it. Thanks

Having one or more frozen columns seems like it might result in the behavior you’re describing. If my finger touches a frozen column and I swipe to scroll, it looks like the unfrozen part of the table scrolls with my finger, but that’s happening off screen because the frozen columns don’t budge. It’s a little hard to describe.